Hip Thrusts=great ass

The hip thrust may be the best glutes-builder on the planet. If you want to sprint faster, explode harder, rip more plates off the floor, and sport rock-hard gultes, the hip thrust should be part of your program.
Hip thrusts work the glutes in a way that’s different (and more intense) than squats, deadlifts, and lunges. I feel my glutes working more during hip thrusts than any other exercise I’ve tried.
If you’re careful about form and use an appropriate weight, they’re quite safe.
With a good pad on your hips they really aren’t uncomfortable at all – until the weight gets really heavy, when it can get uncomfortable on the hips even with a pad. Stronger lifters will be able to handle considerable loads after a bit of practice so this is something to consider, but for most people it’s really not a big issue.
Get hip thrusting soon!!!



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